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Upper Pavilion (includes the heritage oak & lit common area combined):

Accommodates up to 60 guest


The Reception Hall:  Accommodates up to 150 guests

The Reception Hall Deck: Accommodates up to

80 guests 


The Grand Pavilion: Can Accommodate up to 75 

The Circles: Can Accommodate

 up to 175 guests   

The Pit, Lounge and Tiki Bar: Accommodates up to 100 guests

The Gazebo: Can Accommodate

up to 20 guests 


Our history of our garden runs deep not only in the rich soil but in the years of our Master Gardener team, that takes care of the garden.

Seasonal plantings takes place all year round, with soil and bed prep, plowing, weeding and maintaining all the veggie and fruit trees that are planted in the garden area.

Breakfast at the Inn

Home made with ingredients from our garden

Our Morning Breakfast on Wedding weekends ...are planned each week with a lot of thought and  love for good food...

We pride our shelf's in serving our wedding guest at the Inn with the best ingredients we can find. From our garden to local shops we hope that each of our guest will find what they are looking for at our breakfast table.

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